Limited Time Free 500 Points for all new account sign ups. Average link in the network cost about 1/3 of a point so thats around 1,500 links free for 2 months.
The best and only real solution for a free and effective link building campaign. Receive Links is made up of members who trade links on their sites for links on other sites in the network. Each member must bring to the network a website with pages set to receive links or they can buy points in the network for their ads. If they choose to let the network have link slots on their pages they will receive points for these slots.

To keep the network up and help cover the cost of the servers, we keep a small percentage of the points in the network for sale. The points we sell on the site are coming from our small percentage we keep in our account. We do not sell space points that are not used on users accounts. Each website and Ads added to the network will be approved by a person before any links are placed to ensure it meets our strict quality guidelines. You do not have to use the sites in the network for the ads you can use any website that meets our guidelines.

Receive Links is completely free and the set up is easily customized. All the links are static, unless you delete them or the page is removed from the network. You also have full control over the Number, Max Page Rank, Points Used, etc.. of text links your ads receive. We offer subscriptions for some of the advance features and more benefits from the network but you do not have to pay. We offer a bonus to your account for referrals.